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Criminal Defence

We will help you from the start to the end of your proceedings. There are various stages throughout the process which you may want to retain us:

  • Bail Hearing

    If you are arrested for a criminal offence, you may be released at the scene through a Form 9 or from the police station through a promise to appear. If not, you will be held in custody, usually until the next morning for a bail hearing. You will need counsel (preferably counsel of your choice) to represent you at the bail hearing.

    The bail hearing is to decide whether you are detained until your trial or whether you can be released from custody until your case is resolved or goes to trial. You need competent counsel to help get you out and also to make sure the conditions of your release are reasonable. No one wants to be under house arrest, curfew, or without a cell phone unless it is necessary. Duty counsel are available but are often dealing with several clients on the same day. It is strongly suggested that you retain your own counsel to represent you at this stage of the proceedings.

  • First Appearance

    If you have been released from custody, your first appearance will usually be 3 – 4 weeks later. You will be required to attend at a police division, usually the day before for fingerprinting.  If you fail to appear in court or to have a lawyer appear then you could be charged with fail to appear, which is a serious offence. After being charged you should seek a lawyer for representation. On your first appearance, you or the lawyer attending on your behalf should be given your initial disclosure.

  • Disclosure

    Your disclosure package will include a charge screening form. This form will tell you: What charges the crown will go ahead on; How the Crown will proceed, Summary conviction (less serious) or indictable (more serious); and what sentence the Crown Attorney will ask for on a guilty plea or after a date is set for trial. The form will give you other information which is best explained by a lawyer who practices criminal law.

    You will receive in your disclosure police notes, documentation from witnesses, a synopsis or brief outline of the facts the crown relies on and video DVDs of witnesses interviewed by police. These are some but not all of what is contained in disclosure. Your lawyer can explain disclosure and make requests for further information they consider necessary. It is important to review the material with the lawyer to get advice on what to do next.

  • Resolution Meetings and Judicial Pre Trials

    A resolution meeting takes place prior to setting a trial date. Generally, resolution meetings are between Defence Counsel for the accused and a Crown Attorney. Such meetings are are opportunities for Defence Counsel to see what result they can get for the client or a plea of guilty. The case may be resolved.

    If you do not wish to plea guilty and exercise your right to have the Crown prove their case against you (otherwise known as a trial) you may have a judicial pre-trial and try to again resolve the case or set a trial date. Often cases are resolved by a joint submission. Your lawyer and the Crown may agree on a proper sentence, on a guilty plea, and you will know in advance the sentence you will receive. This step often takes the guess work and anxiety out of your plea.

  • Guilty Plea

    Only you can decide if you wish to plead guilty. Your lawyer is the person you rely on to help you make this decision. A thorough understanding of the trial process together with the lawyers experience in criminal court should be critical to your decision in selecting competent counsel.

    Call us now to assist you with these questions and more: What are the consequences of a guilty plea? Will I have a criminal record? Will I be able to travel to the U.S., U.K., Europe? When can I receive a record suspension? What is a conditional sentence? What is probation? Will I be placed on the sexual offender registry? Will I be deported? For how long will I lose my driver’s license? What is a weapons prohibition? What is a DNA order? If I go to jail then for how long?

  • Trial

    To successfully fight a matter at trial you are required to have a strong understanding of the evidence against you and the theory of the Crown Attorney. You will review the evidence alongside your counsel to identify issues in the case and be prepared to testify. Proceeding to trial often requires extensive prepararation and can sometimes be overwhelming but it is often required, especially when charged with a serious criminal offence.

    As experienced counsel, we have represented individuals at all levels of court in Ontario. We have the understanding of the law required to ensure that we select the best defence available to assist you in fighting in your case.

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  • An excellent lawyer and he never disappoints in the court of law. You could put your trust and timing with him and everything will turn out excellent with flying colours. One of the best lawyer I have ever seen in my life hands down
    L Kabiola
  • I had the pleasure of using Christien to assist me with several complex legal matters. Christien was professional and had an exceptional understanding of the law. I definitely recommend him to others.
    M Taylor
  • He takes cares of his clients and very passionate at what he does. As a young lawyer in the community he could be overlooked and underestimated. With Christien this is not the case! He is firm and dedicated to his profession. I was over the top stressed out about my case, and he was always so calm and patient. He got the job done, and did an exceptional job!
    S Senior

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